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Icon Editor with VI Documentation

I would simply like to add the VI Documentation to the Icon Editor so that when you create the Icon for a VI you can also edit the documentation at the same time. This might help increase VI documentation overall if it was done at the same time as the icon.

Active Participant

Nice Idea. I know I'd be more apt to adding a small description if it was part of the Icon Editor.

Active Participant

When you mouse over a vi icon you can read the documentation. It makes sense if you could edit the documentation when editing the icon.


"I'm sure it's only a glitch, a temporary setback." "You call this a glitch?!"

Actually, you can! We've been using our own home-made icon editor (Link: "Zuehlke IconMaker") in our LabVIEW Projects for several years now. It enables the developer to edit the icon and the VI documentation - which, in fact, is a feature which we use a lot.

Active Participant shb
Active Participant

The source of the icon editor is available.

So I posted a modified version here:

as was suggested here:


It is only a first version with limitations (alpha state)! Feel free to improve it.