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I would like to see a Close Other VI's option in the File Menu

Status: New

There is currently in the VI File Menu the options to Close or Close All.


I think it would be a useful addition to also have a Close other Vi's option. This would leave the VI you are in open and close all the other VI's; very similar to the Firefox Tab option Close Other Tabs


I very often have a main top level VI open and over time when tracing through some code will end up with a lot of sub-vi's from this top level open. It would be good to be able to go back to my top level and then close all the other VI's to clean everything up before I start looking at something else. However at present I have to close the top level one as well and then open it again





Danny Thomson AshVire Ltd
Active Participant

If you bring up the Windows dialog box (Ctrl-Shift-W) you can select only the windows you want to close.


Thanks for that Daklu, that will work nicely in the interim

Danny Thomson AshVire Ltd