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How many need Delete Option on Context Menu?

Status: New

For LabVIEW users,

How many of them need "Delete Option" on Right Click Context Menu?

Delete option in Context Menu.png

I feel providing an delete option in right clicking context menu for any Indicator or Control deleting will make developers easy and fast assessable and avoid too-much use of keyboard.

We use our left hand for control and Shift more offen but for pressing delete button which is at right top corner in keyboard, all of a sudden we will remove our right hand from mouse and press Del which is uncomfortable.


So, Developers share your point of view for the same and request to add Delete Option in upcoming version.

Later we will ask even Cut Copy Past...:smileyhappy: He! He! He!

Knight of NI

No.  I don't feel the need for delete on the right click menu.  I'm capable of using my left hand and moving it over to find the delete key and leaving my right hand on the mouse.

Knight of NI

I feel like there are enough things in the menus.  I really don't see the need for this.  Besides, you really should think about something before deleting.  That's what you do while you go for that Delete key.  I can see myself accidentally hitting this delete menu item way too much and then having to undo.

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Active Participant

I often use ctrl+x as a surrogate for delete so I don't have to move my left hand. 

Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Knight of NI

Menu use (right-click...drag down...drag over...drag down... release) is much slower (especially on a touch pad) than ctrl-x or the <delete> key. We don't need it for such a basic operation that has much faster, well known, and intuitive alternatives.

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Hi! RavensFan,

yes, I do accept your point and realizes soon after posting that i should have also mentioned we use left hand to press Del.


Hi! Crossrulz,

Yes, its already filled with enough things but felt as this should be an basic requirements.


Hi! Elser91,

Your not solving the propose by ctrl+x or you have not understood context.

Am focusing on the importances of mouse usage and reducing the keyboard activity.


We humans are practiced using windows OS and many other softwares with similar functionality of Cut, Copy, Past & Delete options on right click context menu which are provided for easy two-way (Keyboard or Mouse). So we expect the same functionality here in LabVIEW.


My propose of this post was trigged when i was teaching my friend who his physically disable finds difficult using his left  hand more regularly and asked me with smile why didn't they give Cut ,Copy, Past & Delete option on right click context menu. Something even we also go lazy and expect why didn't give this option.


So, requesting to add this functionality to reduces keyboard activity and make LabVIEW more flexible  for all kinds of users. 

And also to know who all are facing the same kind of problem.


Proven Zealot

a) Cut, copy and paste are in the Edit menu. You do not have to take your hand off the mouse to perform these actions. We could add delete there easily enough.


b) We could add delete to the context menus. We could add cut and copy, too... but where would you add paste? There is no paste context.


c) Elser91 was addressing your point about left hand vs right hand. You said, "We use our left hand for control and Shift more offen but for pressing delete button which is at rig." Elser91 pointed out that right hand can stay on the mouse while left hand hits ctrl+x. Conversely, if you use a left hand mouse, left hand can stay on the mouse while right hand hits delete (and, on Windows, the other keyboard shortcuts of ctrl+insert and shift+insert and shift+delete for copy, paste and cut, respectively... I use these a lot).


Proven Zealot

If we did add this, would you want Delete at the top or the bottom of the context menu?


 Hi! AristosQueue,


You cant add Cut, Copy & Paste because when we do right click any where on Front or Block diagram panel we get controls and functions respectively placing Cut,Copy & paste is not possible...:(


Its better to use from edit menu which was been suggested to my friend but we should also do sometime even for above problem to be addressed.


Adding delete will make sense and could be positioned preferably at bottom or before properties.




Just thought over, your right that they can also give Cut,Copy option.

Paste action could be done going to edith menu.

Trusted Enthusiast

I think Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete options are conspicuously absent from the RCMs.  IMO they are so common that the burden of proof is on NI to explain why they are not there.   I'd park them somewhere around the middle myself, even a single pull-out would be fine by me.


It is pretty annoying when you select a terminal and bang on the delete key only to have nothing happen.  This could be due to the options settings or a grouping of FP objects.  The RCM delete option could either gray out when something can not be deleted, or my preferred option, have the RCM delete option override the option or group.  If I right-click and select 'Delete' I want it gone, let the delete key respect the options.


Paste is likewise easy to figure out.  I want paste-replace anywhere and everywhere.


I notice people are against it because it is either too slow or too fast.  These are the types of arguments you get when you try to micromanage the UI.  I prefer to rely on basic principles, and one of those is to not be inventive.  Compare to any drawing program and you will find Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete are in the context menus.


Regardless of my own or any individuals usage habits, I think it is totally reasonable to expect those operations inside the context menu.  Plus, the ability to tweak the behavior between the menu option and the delete key option gives me more fine-tune control.