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Historical Data Viewer - Comfortable Editor

Status: New
The configuration of a trace view with more than 50 traces takes a long time to achieve the desired result. An editor like the Multi Variable Editor would be a great improvement to reduce the configuration time and optimize usability. Via this editor it should also be possible to import/export into xml.
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Active Participant

Try out the DSM (Distributed System Manager) it has the extra features you are looking for...saving and opening configuration files that will restore

all you historical tabs and trace settings.

are you sure that it is possible to import/export/edit citadel trace views via DSM? I havn't found such option in LabVIEW2009 SP1.

The editor for the Hypertrend Viewer could be improved:


1) larger part for channels/traces has silders but this part is very small

2) you can not copy and paste channel settings

3) in general this window is old fashioned


solution: a new configuration window like the DSM window works.




also an option for setting the font size of the axis would be appreciated.

NI Employee (retired)

Hi Hewu,


For configuration of large amount of Citadel traces, I think the customer can use "Import Settings" and "Export Settings" in hypertrend.


The customer can use "Export Settings" to export the configuration of Citadel traces to the XML file, which is human-readable. They can make the neccesary edits on the XML with any text editor, and then import the configuration back to hypertrend with "Import Settings". 


In some cases, it may not be as easy as MVE-like tool, but it is much more flexible and sometimes easier to achieve the desired result. Thoughts?