[This suggestion has been made to me by multiple customers. I am posting it here to see if it gets enough votes to get it made a priority.]


When using "Create SubVI From Selection", the controls and indicators on the new subVI get their labels from the wire name on the original VI diagram. Many times this results in "error out" being the input terminal and "error out 2" being the output terminal; similar annoying cases exist for other data types. It appears to be impossible to come up with an algorithm that will name all the terminals appropriately, given all the cases and naming conventions used by LV users around the world, and for this reason the naming behavior has remained unchanged for many years. But some heuristics could be used (such as detecting the word "out" [or its equivalent in French, Japanese or current LV language] and changing it to "in" [or equivalent] for any input. Having such heuristics might mean there are still cases where users must manually correct the names after creating the subVI, but these cases would be rarer than they are today.