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Grouping of ring and enum values for selection

Status: New

To select one item in a long lists of items in a ring or enum control I would like to have the option to arrange the items in the edit item box  within groups like it is possible in the menue.


This would greatly help the user to browse long lists .. 


I know within LV2020 some search functionality is possible, but a way to cluster/group item list in sub lists wether like the menue with an extra list or expandable  is a different thing.




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Proven Zealot

I have faked this in the past by changing a left mouse down into a right mouse down (with the Mouse Down? event). That activates the the controls context menu, that can be static (saved in the control) or dynamic (Menu Activate event). The result is not 100% what you'd want, but close.


This is a lot of extra work of course... It might be possible to put in an XControl (even more work, but only once).


So, +1...