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Generating PDF protocolls with the Report Generation Toolkit

I'd like to have a PDF export function within the Report Generation Toolkit.

So that no additionl software have to be installed on the target system to generate PDF files including graphics an text.


The PDF format is the most used format for sharing documents because nearly everybody has a reader installed.

It looks identical on every computer and is perfectly to print.


Software like OpenOffice, Word or programming languages like PHP supports the generation of PDF files, why not LabVIEW?



NI Employee

Hi Matthias,


We just launched a new branch of the NI Idea Exchange to foster ideas for LabVIEW Add-ons. The intent was to create a place for LabVIEW Add-on developers (both NI R&D and developers in the community) to find ideas that matter to the community.


This is part of our ongoing effort to enable LabVIEW developers to productize LabVIEW code. Some of the other things we’ve done this year were adding Licensing & Activation for 3rd Parties, launching the Compatible with LabVIEW Program and the LabVIEW Tools Network.


We’ve identified your particular idea as one that could potentially be made into an Add-on and would like to move it to this new Idea Exchange so that Add-on developers can easily find it. Would this be okay with you?



Jervin Justin
NI TestStand Product Manager



yes, that's ok.

Thank you for the information.



Active Participant

I just came across this post after many years and wanted to point out to anyone who stumbles across here that there are now a few PDF Generation options on the LabVIEW Tools Network.  While they don't directly integrate with the Report Generation toolkit, they still might help in generating PDFs in a LabVIEW application.  


Custom PDF Generator for LabVIEW - Simplicity AI

PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW - Carya Automatisering


Not integrating with the Report Generation Toolkit sucks. I don't want to have to create reports (again) so that I can have them in both HTML and in PDF. I want to take existing code that already generates HTML reports (both for the browser and for saving to a file) and simply be able to specify instead that they should be converted to PDF and then either saved (as per the report generation toolkit) or opened (using the default PDF application, such as Acrobat or Nuance). In short, I want PDF functionality fully integrated into the report generation toolkit, and there is no reason why this isn't both possible, and desirable.


Seems we like to talk (endlessly) about features that virtually everybody agrees are the de facto standard everywhere EXCEPT in LabVIEW...

Proven Zealot

sbus: You're completely correct -- it is a constant frustration. The simple truth is that NI does not have the staff to provide the depth of libraries of other programming languges. We have to rely upon our customer base to generate some of these. The Report Gen toolkit is one that I would, personally, happily sell off to some other alliance partner to develop. It is outside of NI's core competency. That's my personal stance... I have no idea how it would fly with the rest of NI, but if there's an alliance partner reading this who would be interested, contact NI and ask. It never hurts to ask.


Hello Sir,

I need to create a PDF report generation including tables and images without MS office.

Is it possible in LabVIEW?

Proven Zealot



That is possible with both of the mentioned toolkits. Or you can print the front panel to one of the many PDF printers if a trivial report suffices.


This is not the place to ask... It's not related to the idea.

Example Gatekeeper
Status changed to: Completed

Available in the Report Generation Toolkit for LabVIEW 2015 or later. If you are generating a Word or Excel report, and you wire a report file path with a '.pdf' extension to the Save Report VI, the report will be saved as a PDF file.

DNatt, LV R&D