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Format into string with thousands separator

I need a format into string that is capable to format numeric with thousands separators.

Like this  (Visual Aides - Numeric Separators) idea but also for the conversion and scan functions.


Looking at the syntax


%[$][-][+][#][^][0][Width][.Precision || _SignificantDigits][{Unit}][<Embedded information>]Conversion Code



the  <Embedded information>  currently used only for time formats would be ideal to extend to a more general form. 


Something like <+ nnn nnn.ddd ddd> would be nice Smiley Happy ( the d is already occupied ... # or whatever .... maybe similar to the excel format syntax or maybe there is a (better) standard??? )


Currently I use the attached vi to add the separators, however it would be nice to have it in a general form 




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That's not a duplicate, that idea is even mentioned in this one.


This idea is to extend to scan from and format into functions, while the original only describes control and indicator formatting.

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Hi Wiebe,


You are correct.  I see what you mean.