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Find needs to have multiple search criteria with logic

Status: New

When I am searching for occurrences of a particular items in my application, I often run into this issue: The search feature only allows you to search for text or a type of object, but not both.  If I need to find a particualr VI Server method call, I can either search for all invoke nodes (which returns WAY too many to sort through) or I can search for the text in the method name, and end up with results that have nothing to do with invoke nodes.

What we need here is the ability to specify multiple search criteria and logical operators to tie them together.  So, I could do a search for invoke nodes with the text 'Abort' in their name.  This would be a big help in large applications as well as those that use a lot of VI Server or .NET code. 

Certified LabVIEW Architect
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I suggested a similar idea to Allow Specific Searches for Elements in a Cluster/Unbundle. Same concept... I can search for the text, or I can search for an Unbundle, but either search could return thousands of false positives in large projects.


And here's a plug for revisiting some older ideas that suggest fixes for other search limitations:

1. "Find All Instances" in Project Explorer

2. Be able to Find All Instance of VI and View VI Properties when the VI is in run mode

3. Allow the Find All Instances/Callers/SubVIs Window" to be Resized

4. A Better "Find Missing Items" and "Find Items with No Callers" in Projects.

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