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Find events triggered by a control/indicator

The right click, find options are great but limited. I would like to find events that are triggered by a given control/indicator; this is hard if you have many events and some handle many triggers. Currently I have two less than ideal work arounds.


First work around is a text search. It gives a lot of irrelevant data for the results I want.  

Second I begin the process of adding a new "fake" event, and guess at what type of trigger the control is using (mouse down?, value change, etc.) If I guess right and it is being used I get a warning saying it is used and the event number (golden but often off by one because it counts the case I am pretending to add). Again if I guess the wrong type of trigger I get no help. 


It would be great if there were any events that were triggered by the given control, that would be added to the list of options under the right click find (and not show up if none existed like find local variables etc.)

Proven Zealot

Here's one attempt. 


It's tricky to make it work properly. And if it doesn't work 100%, you can't really rely on it. Perhaps NI can do a better job...

Proven Zealot

It's been suggested a few times before:



So, kudo those idea's...

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Duplicate