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F2 vs. Tools->Edit Text

Status: New

It would be nice to have the F2-function in LabVIEW (mark element and press F2 to edit text).

So you don't have to step through the Tools-Palette.


Knight of NI

Turn automatic tool selection back on and all yu have to do is double click on the text.


Yes, but I'm old school and a keyboard worker: 🙂

Knight of NI

It just strikes me a bit funny that you would choose to use a slower way to select tools and then request a change to make it faster.

Trusted Enthusiast

This goes way beyond autotool vs not.  Select a wire -> F2 -> Type your label.  Ctrl-Drag a control/terminal -> F2 -> Edit the label.  Create Constant -> F2 -> Give it a label.

Active Participant

I agree with Darin.K. I use the autotool, but I still think that F2 would be a great addition, especially for ctrl-drag as the new item is already selected for you and one hand is already on the keyboard (from pressing ctrl).


Using only F2 to edit marked text labels is windows standard behaviour. So labVIEW should behave like this.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) / CLA / MCTS

Maybe we should pull the idea of using F2 for Controls / Constants / Indicators out as another idea.