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Extremely small pointers in Labview

Is anyone at NI paying attention to this thread?


It is a very serious problem and it needs a solution fast!

Proven Zealot

>Still think this should be a CAR.


I posted this remark because all other remarks where, at some point, gone. Must have been a glitch or something...


I think NI will look into it, regardless the kudo's. It's more or less a necessity to fix this.


My idea of a CAR is that it will be looked into anyway, while an idea only gets looked into when there are enough kudo's. Or if it's low hanging fruit or if it's immediately recognized as a big problem (which is the case in this situation).


If AQ starts 'rattling the cages', I'd say there will be a solution...

Active Participant

How come this blanket answer? Already implemented (yes, in NXG.....Smiley Frustrated)