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Expanding Linux Support

Status: New

Currently I use LabView through a Windows VirtualBox on a Linux Mint machine. I was told by a customer support employee that I should bring this idea to this forum. I chose this method because of the limited support for Linux even with the supported distro discs. I encourage NI to expand their Linux-compatible software to have the full capabilities that the Windows and Mac versions do for the distros that are currently out, and to expand the number of distros supported. Linux Mint is one of the most widely used flavors, and yet there is no support from NI.

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Let me add a vital point: 

We need the *source* code for the kernel modules - or complete specs to write our own IIO drivers.


Binary-only kernel modules are totally ridiculous - will never work reliably.

Linux Embedded / Kernel Hacker / BSP / Driver development / Systems engineering