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Enqueue Enum Message

Status: Declined

We use Queued Message Stage Machines a lot and often send messages through API calls. In a state machine I prefer using enums to determine the state and in the QMSM that would be useful too because sometimes a typo in a message in an API call stops it from working. 


However, the Message Queue functions accept string only. 





Even if we make changes to the message cluster or make the VI polymorphic but we would then need to do it every time we are setting up a new machine with LabVIEW. Would this be useful for anybody else? 






Proven Zealot

Useful?  Maybe. Feasible? Not really.


There is no way to make a VI that accepts (only) any enum.


The VI would have to accept a variant, which would be error prone and unclear, or the VI has to be a vim, which would be error prone and unclear.


Active Participant

Why not just make such a VI that has your enum type as input?


(where are those VIs anyway, can't find them in LV)


(I would use channel wires instead, they can hold any data, but that's just me)



Certified LabVIEW Architect
Active Participant
Status changed to: Declined

Christina Rogers
Product Owner, LabVIEW R&D