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Enlarge the Invert Circles

Status: New

I have become a huge fan of the compound arithmetic node, and there are a growing list of good ideas on this Idea Exchange that involve adding invert capability to more boolean inputs/outputs.  Unfortunately, the circles used to show that an input/output is inverted are too small for my taste which makes them easily missed by the untrained eye.  Filling the circles black is one possibility, but there is room between the terminals to at least double the size.  With a more prominent indicator that a node is inverted, I will easily support adding invert capability anywhere it makes sense.  


I know that most of the wildly popular ideas here involve making things smaller, hopefully with some of that reclaimed real estate we can make room for some slightly larger circles.  

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

I think it's easier to decide when you can see the difference. The top example is the current size and I think the second one is the best.



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Trusted Enthusiast
That picture is worth at least 2000 words.  I agree, I like the second one, although I would probably extend the circle so it is fully outside the terminal.
Active Participant
Or possibly put some sort of symbol or abbreviation in the terminal box, but this only works for compound arithmetic, not nodes that don't have the box.
I agree with Darin.K.  Extend the second circle to be fully visible.  I am also in agreement that the other Booleans should have invert features available.
Active Participant

I like the second one best as well. I am not sure I would extend it any further though...

As to adding this to all other boolean operator, this is a great idea. |

Active Participant

Get rid of the tiny circles and invert the central part of the respectives rectangles:

2010-01-13 compound arithmetic inversion suggestions.png

The difference between the suggestions is that in the second the corners were rounded to reduce the impact a little. I liked the first most. 


PS.: The image insertion in this post neither worked in Firefox nor Chrome. Firefox halted! I had to work with Internet Explorer...

André Manzolli

Mechanical Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Developer - CLD
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Curitiba - PR - Brazil
Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

Well, it's certainly easier to see and I think I like it better.


However, the circle is a standard symbol for negation or inversion, so it probably won't be changed to that.

Try to take over the world!
Active Participant

> I agree, I like the second one, although I would probably extend the circle so it is fully outside the terminal.


Furthering that, I think the left part of the diagram is a bit too wide anyway. Why not shrink it and make the inversions larger, the pic below is still only 24 pixels wide WITH the circles! With an inversion on the output, the block would be 32px by whatever height; which conforms with other blocks' sizes.


bigger invert.png

- Cheers, Ed
Trusted Enthusiast

At first, yenknip's idea looks awkwardly small. But after looking at it for a while and scrolling back up to tst's original image, those input terminals (the current size in LV) look awkwardly large. I like the slimmer look, and especially like the 24/32px standard.

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The complete circles also look more like the circle on left of the existing LabVIEW "not" icon.  So making this change would make the whole UI look more unified.