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Enhanced Icon Editor: Implement a quick and easy way to edit the Lines Cluster whilst preserving current settings

Status: New

When I want to insert a line of text in the Enhanced Icon Editor of an existing VI it usually means I have to overwrite my existing text or cut and paste it.


I.e. If I simply want to go from this:




To this:




It's not that easy and it could be much quicker.


I would like to be able to Right Click (or a similar method) on the Lines Cluster and select "Insert". 

This would insert a blank line and move the Line Text and Line Colors accordingly, preserving existing settings thus allowing me to easily edit the above icon's Lines quickly and easily.


Certified LabVIEW Architect * LabVIEW Champion

Why not simply replace the four single line controls with one multi line control?

This would be really easy and flexible to work with.

It would give you even more options to modify your text, e.g. you could split a long line in two by simply pressing the Enter key.


Issues that would come from my idea;

* There has to be a defined behaviour if the input exceeds four lines. => I think this should  be handled simply by only using the first four lines (ignoring the rest).

* You have to think about a good way to arrange the 4 color pickers.



Dear NI,

I HATE the new "improved" Icon Editor. Please Please Please allow me to edit my icons on a single layer ie. give me back the old editor.

Active Participant
I think your comment may be better directed to the forums. I am unsure whether you can launch the old editor in the latest version of LabVIEW.
Certified LabVIEW Architect * LabVIEW Champion
Active Participant
I'd like to read why you hate the enhanced icon editor? Why do you prefer the old one over the new one? Are there things in particular that you disagree with? You should be able to get the old icon editor back by simply renaming or removing the packed library in the plugins folder.
Active Participant

You should be able to get the old icon editor back by simply renaming or removing the packed library in the plugins folder.

Unfortunately, this breaks some class-related functionality.


Active Participant
I have it on my to do list to post the source files. I will do that tomorrow and share the link asap. With the source files you will be able to recreate the packed library that won't brake the class related functionality but still allows you to override the enhanced icon editor
Active Participant

FWIW, I did the new Icon Editor and really like the layering it has. Whilst you guys are hanging out in this thread, feel free to vote this up 😉

Certified LabVIEW Architect * LabVIEW Champion