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Enable selecting top-level cluster in event data in event structure



I'd really like to be able to select the entire top-level cluster in an event structure, if event data is a cluster:


Top-level cluster.png


I know this have been brought up in numerous forums over the years, but I feel it's being ignored somewhat by NI? It usually gathers quite a few positive acknowledgements from other users, but I think it's about three years since it's been brought up in the idea exchange. It seems so easy to implement and would greatly simplify many event structures. So forgive me for duplicating something from countless other places, but I think it deserves a second (or ninth or whatever) glance Smiley Happy




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I don't quite understand your data structures. Can you attach a simple example VI?

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While I am lukewarm to the idea I do support the civil disobedience of knowingly duplicating an old idea. So many ideas get their one shot at glory and no amount of Kudos will ever float them back up the top ideas list.


The original is here:


Also, it is common for the moderator to link all of the duplicates back to the original, but that seems much less useful than to update the original with links to its duplicates. An idea with 50 Kudos and 5 duplicates is worthy of consideration

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I personally quite like this and have always read the cluster as containing the specific data associated with the event and gives a similar experience to standard events.
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