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Editing the Font Styles and Size of a text, can't it be Simpler? rather than a lot of mouse clicks each time??

Status: New

Editing the Font Styles and Size of a text, can't it be Simpler? rather than a lot of mouse clicks each time??


Many had suggested the use of Key board shortcuts, but it may be used for some other things. But Why shouldnt we use a dialogue box instead?


The problem is lot of mouse clicks to go to Dialogue font, Styles/size and then to the respective selection like,



The Key board shortcuts are being used for other functions., But Why shouldnt we have solution like this??




I am not sure whether it can be done or someone already suggested., but i didnt come accross anything like this when i searched for.


Thank You..


On my win7 the keabord shortcut for opening the font dialog is CTRL + "0" (with 0 both on keyboard or numeric keypad). CTRL + "=" and CTRL + "-" respectively increases and decreases the font size in step of 1 point



Of course, you're right!

Active Participant

As an addition to this, it'd be great if you had some text selected on your Front Panel or Block Diagram and you could just use conventional keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+B to quickly modify their style.

Alex Thomas, University of Manchester School of EEE LabVIEW Ambassador (CLAD)

Active Participant

I'll kudo anything that makes styling text simpler. That and allignment just takes too many mouse movements and/or clicks.



CLA, CTA, CLED & LabVIEW Champion