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Easier way to insert and delete element in array

Status: New

I could be easier to insert or delete element from array by only select and hit Insert or Delete on keyboard.


Insead of this:




Select like this:





Dany Allard
Active Participant
In that perspective adding "End" to go to the last element and adding "Home" to go to the first element would also be usefull.
André (CLA, CLED)
Trusted Enthusiast
Andre, It used to bother me that it was difficult to find the end element of an array, but there is a solution! Right click on the array, and select "Visible Items -> Show Vertical Scrollbar". This works on FP arrays and BD constants. Cheers, Jack
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Proven Zealot

While we're at it with keys operating on Arrays, how about "PageDn" and PageUp" moving up (Index-wise) and down the visible Array elements by the same number as Array elements are visible.......


Proven Zealot

If this idea gets implemented, the same gesture should also work on array constants.

DNatt, NI