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Display Qualified Name in Inheritance Dialog Box for LabVIEW Classes

I have LabVIEW Classes of the same name in two separate LabVIEW Project Libraries (e.g. for namespacing reasons) in the same LabVIEW Project.
When I go to configure the Inheritance of the a Class, the All Class In Project list just shows the Class names.
These names can be the same and it is not immediately obvious which Class is the correct one.
The only way to pick the correct Class is by looking at the Selected Class Path on the right.




My idea is that the All Class In Project list will display the qualified names.

Either as one long name or nested, mimicking the LabVIEW Project hierarchy. 

(I think I currently prefer nested). 


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So far, I don't remember placing classes inside .lvlibs, so I can't really comment on this, but I think that if you do it nested it will be confusing, because you're combining the inheritance hierarchy and the ownership hierarchy in the same tree.

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