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Disconnecting All VI's From Library

Hi All,


I have recently encountered some problems when using libraries in my code whilst needing/wanting to disconnect multiple VI's from that library. I have found the process of manually selecting the VI's for disconnection to be rather tedious and time consuming (especially if they have enums and subVI's associated with them), I would suggest that perhaps the option of "disconnect all VI's from library" could possibility. After a brief discussion with some of my colleagues, some of which are very experienced developers, I have found they are reluctant to use them for this and various other reasons. I have managed to find a workaround for the solution on LAVA with this handy little script. I was surprised this functionality was not included in the development environment. Any input from other users with regards to the pro and cons they have encountered when using the libraries and other suggested workarounds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Proven Zealot

What is hard about selecting all of the VIs at once (in the project tree) and dragging them out of the library?


Hmmm, I tried that and and for some reason all my custom controls were diconnected from my type defs... 



"To 'G' and not to 'C', this is not a question!"
Proven Zealot

If true, that would be a bug, worth posting to the LV forums. I just did it on one of my libraries in LV 2012 and it worked just fine.


If you can replicate your experience and do not mind sharing the code, please post a topic here so an AE can investigate, figure out what makes your library unique, and get R&D to fix it. Otherwise, that is the "mass remove from library" technique that exists and should work just fine.

Community Team
Status changed to: Already Implemented
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Already Implemented?  I don't think so!


I have VIs that were once part of a library and when I open the VI there are no options to remove it from the owning libray as per this tutorial:


I'm not including the library inside my new project so dragging it out simply wouldn't work.

Trusted Enthusiast

It puzzled me every time that when you select one VI, you can disconnect from library (class in my case), but when you select 2 VI's, the option is gone. AFAIC, it should be added...


I'd prefer with having to manually select (all) VI's, and clicking disconnect once. I don't think I want to remove all VI's that often, but removing >1 happens often.


I'll try dragging next time, as a workaround...

Trusted Enthusiast

BTW. Dragging VI's out of a class is not possible (LV2013).

BTW2: Call a VI "Clear", and the remove from library is not available... (LV2013).