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Direct access to Plot Visible property on plot legend

It'd be usefull for develloper and especially application user to improve graph control by adding to Graph direct access to Plot Visible property on plot legend.


For the time being, you have to go to color and choose transparent or to change visible property dynamically.


I propose control like that ... but we could find another idea to access Visible property.

All plot visible Selected plots visible



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Nice.  I've written this, and many of the other ideas, myself (and I'm sure most people have).  Not sure why I never think to suggest them.
Tim Elsey
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What about just a context menu? I like the idea of toggling visibility easily, but I don't like muddying up the Plot Legend:



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Why not ! I just suggest one way to access property easily in graph control, but menu it's also ok Smiley Happy 


but it has to be in the right place in the menu because I believe that the common user that didn't know good LV graph is not using easily context menu (right click is really a computer scientist reflex !)


Lot of my 'end users' have not enough computer scientist reflex and always ask

"how could I make this plot not visible ?"


Knight of NI
I would prefer if the plot legend would show the original color of the hidden line, and not turn blank when a plot is hidden.

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Checkboxes are much better than a context menu - it's more intuitive and quicker. Hiding plots is something people need to do quite often. 


In addition the context menu contains so many ways of messing up the plots that it's often better to not give the user's direct access to it.

Check out ClampOn CAN Monitor on the LabVIEW Tools Network.

I think it should definitively be in the context menu, since alle the properties can be found there.


But there should also be the possibility show the check mark next to the plot legend, since this is exactly the way  I have programmed it several times alread and will do several more times until this comes as a part of LV.


In short: please give us both options!

Active Participant
I use a checkbox with most of my charts and graphs. Very often I need a scroll bar, so for me, it would need to work with the scroll bar too. For now I have to use an array of clusters – colour, label and tick box. I’ve never been happy with the appearance, so the suggestion by Sil3nc3r would be a great idea.

Thanks for your support IanW, I devellop myself some type sensitive dynamic cell popup  (based on TSPopup librairie from LAVA) to make my self plot legend list and properties in a multicolumn listbox. 


Something like that ...

Type sensitive Graph properties 



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I would like to have it always in the context menu AND a checkbox that could be choosen in the visible section like scroll bars and legends (AND keep the colors!)


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+1 to checkboxes. I've had to create them manually a lot of times