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Diagram disable on indicators makes them invisible

When I build, I like to test each step.  That means that I make a bunch of "debugging" indicators.  Some might prefer probes and breakpoints, but I like the "build as you go" and "don't use too many tools".  The challenge here is that about 80% of indicators that I make, I have to delete.


I wish there were a version of "diagram disable" that is specified in the block diagram, that worked for the front pane, and left me some tiny asterisk instead of the indicator, that didn't hit program execution times, and that when I configure execution the asterisks can be made to disappear. 


This would allow me to revisit my code, to access all of my debugging methods very quickly and intuitively, and to not necessarily change the final layout of the front panel after my debug is done.

Proven Zealot


Active Participant

@Intaris - They say "great minds think alike", but I am too new here so it feels more like "a broken clock is right once a day".  I am gratified to have seen the need you saw earlier.  I think it would improve the productizeability of LabVIEW.  It makes it reproducible, maintainable,and extensible.

Proven Zealot