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Defer panel updates from within property node

Status: Declined

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Right click a property node to set defer panel updates (with automatic un-setting at completion), so this does not have to be done explicitly with another ref to the owning VI. A glyph indicating this has been set could appear to indicate the option is invoked, similar to 'ignore errors inside node'.
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How about if each property node had a "Defer Panel Updates" item that you could set to true at the top, then have some other properties, then set to false at the bottom? (or whereever you like?)

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AristosQueue (NI)
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With regard to the original idea:

Having a "Defer Panel Updates" option on each individual Property is meaningless. You disable panel updates so you can do a whole batch of operations, and then you enable it again so that the panel only gets drawn once. If you only disable it for a single node, you would still need to tell us when to undefer updates later. If you want to disable it for a whole batch of nodes, you'd have to disable it on every node in the chain.


With regard to crelf's modification:

I don't think you'd get a whole lot of benefit from properties on a single object... usually when you're supressing panel updates its because you're moving many controls/indicators around, updating lots of values, etc. If you're just updating one item, you probably don't need to defer panel drawings. It wouldn't surprise me if a single property node already triggered only a single redraw even if you modify multiple properties therein. 


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In addition, turning ON disable updates FORCES a screen re-draw so if it was done on a node-by-node basis it'd probably slow things down instead of speeding it up.


Ffromt he LV 8.6 Help : "When you set this property to TRUE, LabVIEW redraws any front panel objects with pending changes then defers all new requests for front panel updates"



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@AristosQueue: Actually there has been a long standing bug with updating controls with a property node with multiple properties. This used to trigger a single update at the end of updating all properties in earlier LabVIEW versions (<= 7.1 I believe) but suddenly changed to update at every single property update. Not sure if this is still in 2010 but it was not fixed until 2009 for sure.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has received less than 4 kudos within 4 years after posting will be automatically declined.