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Default cases should be pure!

Status: New

When wiring a numeric or enum to a case structure, we get the existing case as 1 (or the second enum item) and a default case also containing "0" (or the first enum item). Many times we need a special case only for one item and everything else should be in the default case.


Case structures are happy with just the word "default" in the second case. The unfortunate automatic existence of one other specific selector value in the default case hampers workflow. For example in the vast majority of my coding, I want the special case to be zero and the other case to be the default.


After wiring the selector, I could just enter the desired value in the non-default case that is showing, except if that desired value also exists (for no good obvious reason!) in the default case. If this happens, I need to edit the default case. That should not be necessary.


Suggestion: Whenever a default case is automatically created, it should not contain any extra specific selector values.


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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??

i see what you're saying now. you've got my vote. thanks!