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[DSM] Clean up "Remove Process" confirmation dialog

Status: Declined

Moved to CAR database: CAR 676093

When using the Distributed System Manager to remove processes a dialog is shown confirming their removal, along with a list of the processes to be removed. Depending on display resolution and the number of processes to be removed, the dialog extends well past the bottom of the screen, making the Yes and No buttons largely unusable.



Instead, the list of processes to be removed should be shown in a list box, table, or similar with a vertical scrollbar, and the confirmation dialog remain a sensible size.


(I know I can just hit Enter as Yes is the default option, or remove fewer processes at once, but that's beside the point!)

Certified LabVIEW Architect
Unless otherwise stated, all code snippets and examples provided
by me are "as is", and are free to use and modify without attribution.
Knight of NI

I'll give a kudo.  But this should probably be considered a bug.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Moved to CAR database: CAR 676093

DNatt, NI