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Create->Control without smashing the block diagram

I'm sure like myself many of you use the right click 'Create' button on the block diagram often to create controls/indicators/constants of the appropriate type for an existing node. It's a quick and useful tool but it can be a pain at times, especially when you are trying to use it in, say, a while loop with limited space. The newly created object is plonked down and resizes your loop which needs to be rejigged back to how you wanted it.


How about an option where the newly created object is stuck to the cursor, allowing the user to place it cleanly with a second click? Maybe this would only happen in instances where it would otherwise cause the aforementioned resizing.



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Although I like your suggestion, a workaround is to cut the newly-created control (ctrl-x), undo the cut and the creation (two ctrl-z) and paste the control where you want it (ctrl-v).

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Thanks jcarmody, that tip will come in handy.

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I frequently turn off "Autogrow" on the structue I am adding code to to avoid this.  (I can turn it back on later.)

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Cheers for the tip Jeff.


Well, Darin beat me to it. I confess I missed his idea but I have rectified that by giving it a Kudo- let's hope it gets more support. Love X's comment about turning off "'Auto explode" Smiley LOL

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