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Create .exe file independent to LV runtime engine

If LV can create .exe file independent to LV runtime engine, that's will make her more pretty than other programing tools(e.g VC++) 

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I have to imagine this is a fundamental limitation to how LabVIEW works, or else they would have done it by now, but I can't help but Kudo it anyway.  😉

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

This has been suggested in the past. See here, for example (and read the comments).

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@HighTech wrote:

...that's will make her more pretty...

Agreed. Kudos again. This Idea has been suggested in a few different flavors, making it the highest or second highest independently requested ideas.

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This shortcoming was obvious to me again recently when seeing this classy LabVIEW solution to filtering those buzzing vuvuzellas which requires users to download the huge LabVIEW runtime in order to use it (120 MB for the installer+program!!!).  Why would anyone do that (unless they already had LabVIEW) when they could get a smaller program (like this, 900 kB) which doesn't require any additional software? 

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