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Copy diagram to case (extra option next to the "Swap Diagram With Case")

I often have a Case structure, where I have all the cases created, but they are empty. I start to work on a case, and to speed up the work, I would like to copy the same content to another case, for further modification. I know I can just use the "Duplicate Case" option, but in this way I have more extra steps to do: either typing in or copy/pasting in the selector label of the target case, plus I need to delete the original case (since in this way I will end up two cases with same selector labels).


If we had an option via right click: "Copy diagram to case", this would make all this just much faster and easier!




A Plugin could most likely be written to do this if desired.

Jon D
Certified LabVIEW Developer.
Trusted Enthusiast

Could you direct me pls how I can make such plugin?

Proven Zealot

Instructions for writing new right-click menu options are at the bottom of this page under the heading

"Creating Shortcut Menu Plug-Ins"


Note: Just because this can be written as a customer plug-in does not negate the idea of LabVIEW adding this ability natively. The idea remains open for comments and kudos.

Knight of NI

LabVIEW Shortcut Menu Plug-Ins

and somewhere in there is the instructions: Read This First

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Trusted Enthusiast

Thanks for links!

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

What about the Search function?

This is a duplicate of a duplicate... found looking for "Duplicate Case":


Add "Copy Case Contents To" right-click menu

new feature "copy case for every value"

Trusted Enthusiast

What about the Search function?


I am sorry, before my post I only did a quick search, for sure I failed it, since I did not see those ones you show.


edit: so label this Idea as "duplicate", I voted for the other idea behind your link.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

No worries. It just sounded familiar, so I looked for something similar and had no problem finding it.

Proven Zealot