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Context Help of Typedef / Custom Control should show the Info of the contained Control

Status: New

When hovering over Typedef / Custom Control (*.ctl) in the Project Manager, the Context Help only shows the Icon and ev. a custom VI Description.

It would be very helpful if the Information and the wire pane image of the contained Control was also shown in the Context Help of the Typedef.





This improvement would reduce the needed effort to write VI Description or avoid opening several Typedefs until the right one is found.

Knight of NI

This help information can be used to inform the users of the software (not the developers).


Showing the users this information might not be desirable.


The control's tip strip and description will show in the help, but that's per instance...


Not that this is a reason not to have this information in the help (after all leaving it empty will result in what we have now), but it does complicate the use case.


I like the idea. Currently, the data type info is shown in Help when the mouse hovers over a .ctl placed on Front Panel and Block Diagram, as a Constant, Local Variable, Terminal especially when View As Icon. When hovering over that same icon in the upper-right of the control editor the info is not shown. What is shown when the mouse hovers over that icon is also shown when hovering over it in the Project Explorer. Therefore, showing the info in Help when hovered over the editor icon will also show it in Help from the Project Explorer.

Knight of NI

Some discussion\confusion got removed (, on OP and my request) .


Just to make sure: this is available information and it would be useful to show as you suggest.


+1 for me.