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Conditional Disable Symbols settable in Application Builder

Status: New

I use the conditional disable structure in my projects to turn debug options on and off.

At the moment before every build I have to go into the project properties and make sure that DEBUG variable is set to FALSE and after the build I have to change it back.

You can get around this by automating you build but an option in the build specifications would simplify this.


It would make life much more convenient if there were a list of the available (non-system) conditional disable symbols in the application builder dialog where the appropriate variables for the build could be set. This would also allow for a simple duplication of a build spec to have one with DEBUG=TRUE, and one with DEBUG=FALSE.


Do you also come from a C++ background marshaul?  Personally, I could hardly live without this functionality.

I will write this up on the forums in the morning.


Yes, my background is (in order of significance) embedded C, C++, and obj-C.

Proven Zealot

Setting the conditions in the appropriate project's tag, and calling it in a pre-build VI does the job.


It's just very inconvenient. Each combination needs a VI (or needs to be handled in the pre build VI). And the pre build VI changes the project settings. I save the project before the build (I have a popup that lets me cancel the build if the conditions are changed). If I don't my SCC will be screwed up, as several VIs where touched by changing the conditions.


It allows me to build 4 applications (and 4 installers) from the same code base in one go, using Build All.


I did a quick writeup of my method, with attached VIs.  I'd love to see the methods you all use.

Scripting Conditional Disable Symbols (#IfDef)