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Conditional Disable LabVIEW Run-Time Versions

Right now we can make a conditional disable structure that behaves one way if we the VI is running in the Run-Time engine or not.  What I think would be useful is if we could also decide on performing one case or another based on the version of the Run-Time/Development of LabVIEW.


Say I develop some neat little reuse VI that relies on getting the name of the label of data type passed in.  OpenG has a functional already that does this called Get Data Name.  NI has a version as well in vi.lib called  The problem is in 2011 the OpenG method is about 10 times faster, but in the 2013 version the NI version is 10 times faster.


Wouldn't it be nice if a conditional disable structure could choose to do one thing over another, based on the version of LabVIEW it was being run in?  This way reuse code could be written to perform best in what ever version it was running in.


There are many situations were one code written using some function either runs slower or faster in different versions of LabVIEW and using this we could choose the best option for that environment.


Of course there is a work around and that is to read the App.VersionYear property, put that into a case statement and perform different code for one version or another but this has added over head, and is called every time it is needed.


EDIT: Also the App.VersionYear can't be used in inlined VIs because it is a property node which a conditional disable can be used.

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Proven Zealot

Hooovahh: I think what you're looking for is more of a dynamically set block diagram value and less of a conditional disable structure. You basically want a diagram constant that has the version of whatever LV it is loaded into (which means, from the compiler point of view, it is not a constant, but it looks a lot like one on the block diagram).