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Compile Labview Linux binaries for armhf and/or Aarch64 Linux targets in addition to i386 and x64

Status: Declined

Any idea that has received less than 2 kudos within 2 years after posting will be automatically declined. 

The only reason we purchased Labview development system linux varient was to use on our linux boards.  Our request for support installing the Labview for this linux target has been rejected, so we will be asking for our purchase to be refunded.  The reason we use Labview in the first place is so  we don't go through a develpment cycle and deploy something to a target every time we change something, which is the model proposed with LINX 3.0   
So I we are trying to use an Odroid XU4 running Ubuntu Mate a debian flavor. This is device uses a Samsung Exynos5 Octa common to a variety of devices including phones, tablets, and single board computers.  So far I have not had any trouble with devices as they have either run natively with existing Linux drivers or have provided SDK's which I can compile.   -  mentions nothing of architecture
I understand that we are early adopters, but I strongly feel that as evidenced by the devices most of us use regularly things are moving this direction. Some where in NI, someone has the ability to compile the code Linux targets, and they would just need to compile for armhf. We realize this is not a standard application, but are willing to do test the product and essentially perform R&D for NI to expand the application space. I also understand that you are not personally responsible for NI's decisions, but I would appreciate it if you could help move this along the best cannel so that NI would honor the one year of support contract we have purchased.
Thank you for your time,
Dr. John T. Morrison
Proven Zealot


This is an unusual channel to use to communicate an offer of this nature. I would suggest this is better communicated through your local Field Sales Engineer, but it sounds like perhaps you have already tried that (you mention your support request having already been turned down). If you have not already contacted your FSE, I suggest you start there. But, nevertheless, I passed this post along to a couple of others within NI. I do not know if anything will come of that... your post does not include enough details about your company and the resources you are offering to support such an effort, and I do not know enough to say whether that platform would be valuable to other NI customers.


If you truly are willing to partner with NI to develop LabVIEW support for the new platform, I suggest you formalize the offer and send it to National Instruments, attention Elijah Kerry. As one of our product marketing leads, Elijah is better in a position to evaluate your offer than I am.

-- Aristos Queue


Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has received less than 2 kudos within 2 years after posting will be automatically declined. 

DNatt, NI