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Color constants to be color constant not U32



when you right click on a color property node, and select create constant, the result is a U32 constant !!! Smiley Sad

so that you have to know the representation of your color in U32 formats, or you will replace it with a color constant.


I think it will be nice when I create a color constant to create a color constant not a U32 constant.




Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

This has already been suggested -

Try to take over the world!

Sorry for duplication

is there a way to cancel it?
Active Participant
Knight of NI

Hey, that's even my illustration! Smiley Surprised

LabVIEW Champion Do more with less code and in less time
Knight of NI

You're right Christian, that is.


I'd like to hear Zekasa's explanation for how they managed to use your picture without knowing your idea already existed.


Smiley Surprised

Active Participant

Just to clarify, the original idea did not have the image in it. I took the image from this idea and put it in the original since it seemed to fit well.

Knight of NI
Ah ok. That explains it. Smiley Happy

LabVIEW Champion Do more with less code and in less time
I'm very sorry for the duplication, actually i did not search before adding the idea. Dragis thanks for the clarification altenbach sorry
Knight of NI

No problem!

Search does not work very well so most of us have posted duplicate ideas in the past.

It is better to have an idea in duplicate than have an idea missing completely. Smiley Surprised

A duplicate also increases the visibility of the original idea. Smiley Very Happy


Thanks for participating!

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