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Clicking on the connector pane should make hidden controls partially visible

When doing UI work, it can be quite frustrating rewiring hidden controls to the connector pane. You have to go to the block diagram -> Show Control -> go to front panel and wire it up then hide your control again.


I have seen a number of ideas proposing ideas such as hidden controls always being visible in edit mode or being able to link block diagram controls to the connector pane which I agree with and would also solve this.


My suggestion is that when you select the Wiring Tool on the front panel or click on the connector pane (to wire up a terminal) all the hidden controls would become partially visible and become connectable to the connector pane.



This is the worst when you inherent code with lots of hidden controls and a connector pane with too many terminals.  I'd go one step farther and add that you should be able to right click on a terminal on the connector pane and either center on the front panel control/indicator or the terminal on the block diagram.  Sometimes tracking on of these down can be almost impossible.

Proven Zealot

I'm going to close this as a duplicate because the other very highly rated idea exists and work already being done to investigate that would negate the need for this. If the other idea were not a high kudos idea, I'd leave this open.

Status changed to: Duplicate