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Classes should not be locked when added to multiple targets

Status: New

Let's say you have a class you are developing and want to reuse it in multiple targets, particularly if you work with RT targets. You want to do most of your troubleshooting and development on the PC (assuming that the class has nothing hardware-specific) and when it works well you plan to do some final testing in the actual RT target.


So, you create your test project, with the PC target (with the class and the tester VI). Now you add the RT target and reuse all the VIs and the class. BAM! LabVIEW locks the class and you can't make any more changes until you delete one of the targets of your project. You can't even create two projects (one for the PC another for the RT), because the class will be locked.


NI has an "explanation" here but I find it lame, because a similar situation described in the article happens when modifying typedefs (some VIs get temporarily "broken" until you Apply Changes in the typedef editor).


Please do not lock classes or at least have a button/command to unlock one of them.


I have to agree that this is the most annoying thing ever if you develop on RT as well. I thought that this would be fixed by 2020 but that is not the case. 


In the last few years I have made the decision to not use labview for at least two projects because of this issue.  I am a labview "evangelist" who often has to counter the stereotype, held by many engineers, that the language is a toy or only an educational tool, and this is not helping. The language should not have arbitrary limitations on how language constructs can be used.  I shouldn't be prevented from using my software on multiple pieces of hardware in the same project without incurring a maintenance headache. 


After more than a few years of developing in labview I keep getting the feeling that Rt development is just lagging behind in every aspect. No reentrant debugging on RT is furiating as well and the list just keeps growing.