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Change default localized name for objects

This one is pretty basic...and I'm guessing there is a valid reason for the way it is. Still, I wanted to throw it out there.


Right now, if you make an object, the localized name defaults to <object>.lvclass. Therefore, when you put it on the front panel, create a constant on the block diagram, etc. it will be stored with the label <object>.lvclass:



My request is that the default name be changed to the name of the class, rather than the name of the class.lvclass. The size of the icon makes it pretty clear that we're using an object, making the extension unnecessary. Either way, this is something that I change every time I make a new object and I'm curious if the other lvoop users feel the same way.



Agreed. One of the first things I do with any class (or more generally any library) is change the localized name to drop the superfluous extension.
Active Participant
Yup. It's not like we get "Numeric.ctl" when we drop a typedef. Keep the names clean!
Chris Virgona
Active Participant

You guessed right that there's a valid reason for adding the ".lvclass" extension. If the class is part of a project library, then the default class name is "Library 1.lvlib:Class 1.lvclass", and that's what gets displayed on control and indicator labels. It helps distinguish that type against "Library 2.lvlib:Class 1.lvclass", which may have the same icon.


I wouldn't mind seeing all extensions removed by default, but I understand how that could get confusing in very large applications. I certainly see the need for them in Actor Framework applications, where using project libraries is standard practice, e.g. "Integrator.lvlib:Integrator.lvclass:Create" and "Integrator.lvlib:Integrate Data Msg.lvclass: Send Integrate".

Active Participant


I understand what you're saying but I don't see that as a reason to clutter up the panel with unnecessary text.


If I drop an object then what I usually want to see is the cleanest, most concise name possible,  even if the class happens to be a nested deep within a bunch of libraries99% of the time the icon + short name is more than enough. If need detailed genealogy of the object then the  context help tells me everything need to know (and there's always right-click>Show Class Library). Why trust text that can be inadvertently changed?


IMO the AF does not help to justify the current behaviour, but rather highlights it as more of an annoyance...

Chris Virgona
Active Participant

+50 if I could, just another timesuck when setting up a new class.

James Mc
CLA and cRIO Fanatic
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