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Change Registered Owner and Registered Company

Status: New

At some point the LabVIEW installer stopped asking who I was and what company I work for during the installation process. Instead, the LabVIEW installer assumes that the "Registered Owner" and "Registered Company" of the Windows installation is what should be used.  I'd like it if,

  1. The NI installer stops making this assumption and prompts me for this information.
  2. It was a changeable option in LabVIEW (because changing every registry key doesn't seem to do anything)


Trusted Enthusiast

Some time ago I had the same problem (windows XP) It had nothing to do with LV or NI. It was a policy from our IT department. With the upgrade to W7 the policy was changed. Now I can register LV again with my own name.


You can edit these settings: Go to your Public Application Data folder (C:\ProgramData in Windows 7, C:\Documents and Settings\Public\Application Data), navigate to National Instruments\LVProductDLLInfo, select the folder for your version. This contains the registration information for your app and add-ons.


You'll want to switch these lines to whatever you want.

RegisteredOwner = "username"
SerialNo = "A12V34567"
RegisteredOrganization = "Some Organization"



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