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Change Individual Tab Control Tab Caption Font Characteristics Programmatically

Status: New

In the world of tab controls, a tab caption refers to the actual text in the tabs that you click on to select the different pages, see attachment "Tab Caption". Currently, there is no property node that allows you to change the font characteristics of the tab captions. The font characteristics can be customized non-programmatically by right clicking on the tab control and selecting Advanced/Customize. However, within the customize control all the tab caption properties are linked, so if I make the font color red for the page 1 tab caption, it will automatically change the page 2 tab caption text as well, see attachment "Customize". The same thing applies for the other font characteristics.


This functionality would be useful for those users who want more control over the aesthetics of their front panel. For example, if a user wanted each tab to represent a test that he was running he could change the individual text and color to represent whether or not the test passed, green "passed," or failed, red "failed."

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Also it would be useful when you want to better highlight the selected page expecially when the bg color of the tab control is very close to the white.


I agree!!

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The Index of an Array needs this functionality as well