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Can we have an error in terminal on the in place element?

Whenever I use a DVR with the inplace element structure - particularly if I unwrap data which is then actioned by a subVI or function which has error terminals - I have to use a merge error function to make sure any errors reach the error handler. Could we have error in terminals on these functions - in the image below I'd like the two pieces of code to have similar functionality!


This is also the case with the variant in/out border node. In that case both sides of the node have error outs while in regular code the convert to variant has no error terminals and the convert from variant has an input and an output!




My preference would be that the border functions would be exposed to errors on the error wires. However maybe there is a good reason this feature is missing due to the inplace functionality. If so perhaps we could get an implementation that is cosmetically identical to the lower drawing but programatically identical to the upper implementation (aside from the bounding case structure). Essentially the border nodes would all include a 'merge error function' instead of being exposed to the error input outright.




NI Employee

What about a conditional terminal similar to left side loop terminal options?


You could have a merge or conditional terminal, conditional would stop the IPE from Executing and the Merge would not.  Make the conditional default so there is never ambiguity about the expected error behavior of the IPE.  You would have to specifically allow the terminal to pass errors by clicking on it and selecting "Merge"


I think that in general, you would not want to execute whats in the IPE if you havn't de-referenced your data correctly.  That's the whole point of the DVR De-ref on an IPE.


Also a Conditional Terminal option on the DVR terminal itself would be great.  If the DVR is Bad the IPE doesn't execute.

Chris Bakker
SET Americas

Proven Zealot



Bakk_Diagram: I have a mod to your comment, which I'll post in the other thread.