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Build button in Application Builder Dialog should save project before build

Status: New

I have run into the problem from time to time that I create a new build specification in my project, hit the Build button in the setup dialog just to have the build hang or crash LabVIEW. To add insult to injury when I opened the project file again (sometimes even after recovery) that new build specification was not there since the project was not saved before building.

I have now trained myself to resist the temptation of hitting that Build button. Instead I will exit the dialog, save the project and then start the build via a right click.


I would really like to see the project file being saved before the build is executed. 

Active Participant

Maybe have a dialog that asks if you want to save the project before you build - like the dialog box that TestStand shows asking you if you want to save your files first when you try to run a sequence...

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I had considered putting that in, but I was wondering whether that would bug too many people since they now had to press two buttons.
Knight of NI

It might be sufficient to internally force an autorecovery snapshot before each build.


LabVIEW Champion. It all comes together in GCentral GCentral
What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
Knight of NI

Good suggestion Heiko.  And good to see you at this forum.


I've had the similar issue happen once to me, using LV8.5 when building an executable for BTI.


I'm like you, I have to remind my right index not to click on the Build button (which is tempting) until the project is saved.  Even placing a save button near the build button would be fine.


Talk to you soon.