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It would be nice to have bookmarks (possibly based within the project) so that you could quickly jump to certain areas of your code that has to be modified or reviewed frequently.  Obviously, things like state machines are self documenting, but it would still be great if you could quick jump to certain areas.  Being project based, you could also jump to any bookmark in a subvi.



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This can be node with the find option in labview.  I do this often, I have dummy vi that can be placed as a "todo" bookmark or "future idea" bookmark, then I can do a find all for these vis and get to the bookmark.  You can also do this using lables and the find text.  I will place a lable comment and put in some tag at the start of the text like <Bookmark 1>, then find all text matching bookmark1.  Not quite as elaborate as a bookmark feature, but does serve a similar purpose.   
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In LV 8.6, we added the ability to set disabled breakpoints. You can then use the Breakpoint Manager to jump to any breakpoint you've set on the block diagrams. The disabled breakpoints save with the VIs, have no effect on the running code, and thus several people have been using them as bookmarks.
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Falkpl and Arisos Queue - Thanks for the alternate methods. I'm just starting to use 8.6 and wasn't aware that you could disable breakpoints.

"There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus." - Blaise Pascal
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Can we label Breakpoints?  That would more or less complete the functionality.


Imagine having a window with all breakpoints listed with a text for each one.  It would make working with Breakpoints much easier and would also serve as proper Bookmarks.  Like a table of contents for a VI! Smiley Very Happy

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With an idea like that, post a new idea!! Good stuff.



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@AQ: it doesn't work on "do not allow debugging" mode... and as mentioned by Intaris, BP still don't have names and don't take the names of the object they are dropped onto (wire, etc... any label is ignored). Same as the Probe Window (see here or here), which is a shame in both cases.

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This is probably implemented now, with the bookmark manager. (Did vt92 get any honour?)

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