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Bookmark Manager: Sort by column




please add the possibility to sort the bookmarks by column so I can choose to sort it by column "Bookmarks". I'm using it for documenting changes in different VIs like:


"#Change 20150125.1023 Removed code here....."


At the moment the bookmarks are sorted by VI name:




Proven Zealot

The Bookmark Manager is completely user editable/replaceable. If you want functionality that is not already included, you can add it. Instructions are here:


This idea will stay open. If enough users want this same functionality, we may incorporate it into the dialog that ships with LabVIEW.


(But, I'll be honest, this is a low priority feature and if you want this any time soon, modifying the Bookmark Manager yourself is the route to take.)


Thanks, I will try to modify it...

Knight of NI

I would actually consider this a duplicate of this:


If we had sortable column on tables, this idea would just come in as a bonus.

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Yes you're right. Since the idea is from 2009 (with low priority...) I think it's time to implement it 😉

Proven Zealot