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Automatically Update all my NI Software.

Status: Declined

Any idea that has received less than 7 kudos within 7 years after posting will be automatically declined.

It would be nice if LabVIEW automatically check for updates and notifies the user of all of the upgrades available for everything that they have registered. It would be nice if patches were just down loaded and installed much like the Windows Updater function. It would keep LabVIEW, all of the tool kits, Measurement and Automation Explorer, and every licensed software up to date. It could also push down labview as long as you are on the subscription and current.
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I would vote against this idea.


There are just so many things that can go wrong with silent upgrades... especially if you are having to support applications in several different versions of LV.


Better that its done manually as then at least you know what has changed.

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That is why I put in my suggestion that it would notify the user of upgrades and allow for them to be downloaded. You could have it be automatic or manual just like the windows custom or express upgrade options.
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While I wouldn't veto this idea (if that was possible), I would never use it.  And I'm sure some of the people on the forums who are heavily into LabVIEW development would be against it.


Here are my reasons.


1.  I don't want gigabytes of updates being pushed down on any of my network connections.  I am satisfied waiting for the quarterly disks to come in.

2.  If I did decide to download, I would want it to apply to the 3 different PC's that you can use under the license agreement.  So I would download once, save to a network drive, and install the 3 from that location.  I certainly don't want 3 individual downloads.

3.  I generally don't want to be the first to jump on the new version of anything.  Let others use it for a while and report back their experiences.  When I feel I'm ready to make the jump, then I'll download and upgrade.

4.  (And I think this is where the big developers would agree) Even if you do feel like you want to upgrade, there may still be good reasons not to.  If you are in the middle of a development cycle for an application, you don't want to upgrade and potentially break your project unless you've had a chance to test the upgrade patch in a separate "sandbox" environment.  And this would certainly be true for any company that has multiple LV developers.  They will want one person to test things out, and when the feel confident it is okay to use that upgrade, then they will want everyone to update at the same time.


I realize that you are providing the option to opt in or opt out for the upgrade process, but since I don't see any benefit to it over the current way of doing things for my particular situation, I will respectfully withhold my kudoes for the idea.

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Ravens Fan, I'm completly with you.

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Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has received less than 7 kudos within 7 years after posting will be automatically declined.

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