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Auto close VIs when diving into sub VIs during debugging

This idea is primarily to be used to solve the problem of lots of FP/BD windows spawning when diving down during a debug session.


My proposal is to have some way of telling the IDE that during paused/stepped execution if the code steps into a sub VI then it auto closes the FP/BD of the parent VI.

All your base are belong to us.
Active Participant

Not quite a duplicate, but I prefer the thought of "step out and close" rather than "step into and cloase afterwards"

- Cheers, Ed
Active Participant

Thanks for reminding me about this idea, I had even kudo'd it and then forgotten. I think the idea you linked to is better.

All your base are belong to us.
Active Participant

Ctrl + Double Click Open subVI Block Diagram.


Something like Shift + Ctrl + Double Click could open subVI Block Diagram and close caller FP and BG.

Proven Zealot