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Auto-Append or Concatenation of arrays on loop output tunnels

Loops that generate arrays with each iteration sometimes need to be appended or concatenated together and retain the same number of dimensions when brought out from the loop.  Currently this can be done using a shift register along with Build Array, Insert into Array or Replace Array Subset for example .  Such wiring could be eliminated and diagram space saved if the generated arrays could simply be wired to the loop output border and an option to Auto-Append or Auto-Concatenate provided.  This would be similar to the existing Enable Indexing option except that the array dimensionality would remain the same.  This would be useful for example in while loops that are extracting currently available data from an acquisition process where one wants to build up one array containing all the final data.
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Already posted here.  It took me a little while to find it again, so don't feel bad if you couldn't find the previous posting.

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