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Attach free labels to multiple block diagram objects

The useful feature of having an arrow connect a free label to the part of the code it refers to was added in LV 2013. However, there are cases where a label refers to multiple objects, so you would want to point an arrow to each of those objects. Currently this is unavailable. I suggest that this feature gets implemented in following LV releases. It makes block diagram documentation just that bit better.

Attached Labels Now/Future


Yes this feature would be very usefull  Smiley Happy


Yes, I would like this too. My current workaround is to duplicate the label as many times as I need arrows, point each to one of the targets, then place them all in exactly the same spot. If I need to move the label, I select it via dragging a selection rectangle around it, that way all the identical labels are selected and can be moved freely, together, seeming as one. It would still be more ideal to have one label pointing all ways but this workaround works. I assume this is more or less how you created the mock-up screenshot.

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NealNit: If you like the idea, then give it Kudos.  That is the mark that NI uses to see how much the community supports an idea.

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Proven Zealot

This is a duplicate of this one:


This one should be closed even though it is the earlier idea because the other one has way more kudos.

(You might take the fact that I'm noticing this duplication as a sign that some development team *might* be considering *maybe* working on this. Fingers crossed, folks.)

Proven Zealot
Knight of NI

Just to comment for reference.  This idea did come first (11/7/13), but the other idea (1/9/14) has gathered more kudoes.  28 here vs. 100 there.