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Array Subset Support Multidimensional Arrays

So recently I learned of another feature that the In Place Element structure has, that the native functions it represents doesn't.  The IPE structure support splitting arrays, and it can split multidimension arrays like 2D and 3D arrays.  In doing so you can also specify the dimension that it can be split along by right clicking and choosing Split Dimension.  So is there a reason why the native Split 1D array function can be made into the Split Array function with the same features as the IPE?


Attached is a snippet showing the current method of splitting an array with IPE and the primative for a 2D array.


Array Subset IPE.png

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You probably should ask the moderator to change the title and replace the words "array subset" with "split array".

Array subset already supports arrays of any dimension.

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Replace Array Subset only seems to take 1D-arrays on my installation atleast.


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