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Array FP Controls and Indicators can show 1D array in 2D

Status: New

Allow array controls and indicators to line-wrap 1D data into a 2D display.


I have, say, a 1x1000 array of square images, and I'm browsing through them, and it'd be really lovely to be able to pop them into a grid as a single display element instead of having to make several array indicators with carefully synchronized display indices, or reshaping the array.


That is, if I have a 1D array consisting of the alphabet, and I pull the array indicator into 3x3, then it could look like:






or if I entered index 1 in the index box, it would show








An option to allow vertical-first would seem reasonable:





1 Comment
Proven Zealot

Although we could do this, I would be surprised if it gains traction. Array controls are often poor UI elements for complex interactions. If you are attempting to make a good UI for array data, I would recommend that you reformat it into some more usable view -- and that would not be a 2D array. I don't think that creating a different flow of the 1D control would help in too many cases, but I'm interested in the comments from other customers. 


Taking off my LVR&D hat and speaking solely for myself as a G developer, for a gallery view of images, I would consider building an XControl whose data type is the 1D array. That would allow me to only copy as many picture elements into a 2D display as necessary (no extra duplication of the whole 1D array) and keep the image management code off of my main block diagram. Also avoids having an additional control on the front panel.