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Application build destination directory should not require absolute paths

Status: New

It makes no sense (from a Software Engineering and Process standpoint) to force (and store) an absolute path for a build destination directory, in the project. What if a group is sharing a project but each developer prefers to have their files located in a different folder?!!


I recommend NI consider replacing the line of code in LabView that is checking for the presence of an absolute path for the build folder with on that does: "If user entered an absolute path, use it; otherwise, prepend the current project location to whatever (relative) path the user entered before building."


Hi Derrick, 


If you specify the Destination directory to something outside the parent folder. I know that this is not ideal but that is the reason why we are looking into these issues as bugs! 


Also as an update to this page the first report number (681975) is for building executables. This issue is also present when building packed project libraries so that is documented in 717261.  

Active Participant

The use case for me is the following.


I want to create a template project with build specifications already set up so my developers can just add source to the project, right click on build specifications and builds are made. I want builds to wind up in an export directory in the following location from the project:



I have a standard software module directory structure and ant all generated builds to wind up in the export directory. 


The workflow for my developers is

1. Open the template project.

2. File>>Save as the templae to the development location.

3. Check into SCC.

4. Make a build.

Active Participant

Are there any details on 717261?

Using LV2018 32 bit

Highly recommended open source screen capture software (useful for bug reports).